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Karangan Class

Many students struggle with Malay. That will no longer be the case with our Karangan class. With proven techniques and teaching methods from experienced teachers. Let your child’s learning journey be an enjoyable and a smoother one.

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Singapore Math Class – Enhancing Mathematical Skills After School: Our Singapore Math class is a highly engaging after-school activity designed to strengthen your child’s math abilities. Beginning in March 2022, these classes run on weekday evenings, providing a convenient schedule for students.

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Cambridge English

“Cambridge English Tuition – Excellence in Language Learning: Our institution specializes in delivering high-quality English language education, tailored to all levels and ages. Our courses, led by experienced and certified instructors, focus on practical usage, academic proficiency, and fluency enhancement

Equip Your Child

Gakken Class

Gakken Class – Fostering Creativity and Intellectual Growth: Gakken Class offers a unique learning experience that combines fun, creativity, and academic excellence. Inspired by the educational philosophy of Gakken, a leader in innovative educational solutions, these classes are designed to ignite curiosity and a love for learning in students.

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