About Us

About Us

Red Dragonfly Educare

Red Dragonfly Educare is a Malaysian Tuition Center that has been in operation for 9 years. Many students from our tuition center are able to get outstanding results in their academics. This includes students that have ranked in top 10 for their academic year.

Our Vision

To become the first parents’ choice of tuition and day-care center in Malaysia.

Our Mission

To educate attentively, so that children can be excellent in both character and academic; to serve wholeheartedly, so that parents can feel at ease.

Our Values

For Our Clients:
• Insistence: Providing the best quality character education to children
• With heart: educating children to improve their character and academics
• Dedication: to serve parents and give them peace of mind at all times

To Our Partners:
• Promoting a win-win business with a shared responsibility
• Create a fair, just and open business
• Create a new entrepreneurial and cooperative platform to realise career dreams

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A Message

from RDE Director

My educational philosophy is, “Pursue excellence in education with a strong mission”. As an educator, we must always reflect on these two sentences: “If I were a child, if they were my child”. Educators must think from these two perspectives…

Why Choose

Red Dragonfly Educare?

Our online tuition service has received several praises from our customers! Over 100 customers have leave us with a positive feedback.

The teaching team at Red Dragonfly Educare consists of dedicated professional teachers with various abilities and caring. The normal teacher of Red Dragonfly has more than 9 years of teaching experience; senior teachers have an average of more than 15 years. As The teachers also have a teacher license from the Ministry of Education to prove their professionalism. With dedication and teamwork spirit, teachers cooperate with each other and work hard to achieve the mission and vision of the company.

The teaching team members have good attitudes and self-improvement, constantly pursuing higher achievements in their career. Through the training provided by the centre, teachers can effectively improve their professional ability and knowledge. In addition, the teaching team often reviews the teaching materials and methods to make learning fun and effective.

Red Dragonfly Educare takes serious focus on teacher selection to become a high-achieving tuition centre, a candidates must :

  • Have at least a bachelor’s degree certificate or
  • More than 5 years teaching experience
  • Passed 2 interviews and 1 assessments

Red Dragonfly special training class consists of 1-5 students, led by an experienced teacher. The teacher will prepare the course according to the level of the students to effectively improve their weakness and strengthen their strengths. The special training class has helped many students to improve their grades and achieve better results and regain their interest and confidence in learning.

In order to achieve the vision, Red Dragonfly Educare always performs the best to achieve quality assurance in all aspects. Besides, we have an Education license approved by the Ministry of Education and our buildings 100% meet specifications of the Ministry of Education and local government. Our teaching team follows the Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR) by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia, continuously preparing up-to-date learning materials and improving teaching methods, allowing students to master the new course.

Nutrition is important at every age,especially for children at the growing stage. A balanced diet is good for children’s brain development and intellectual activity, allowing them to learn faster and effectively. Red Dragonfly Educare has an in-house kitchen and chef team to prepare the students’ daily meals. The chef buys fresh ingredients every morning to ensure the food is served fresh. In addition, we provide a variety of meals and change the menu regularly, so that students enjoy the food.

Student’s safety has always been one of our concerns. We invest in proper security infrastructure to ensure the safety of both students and teachers at tuition centres. There are more than 30 CCTV cameras in the centre to monitor security and hire private security guards to ensure the centre safety and transporting students to and from school. In addition, the fire protection system and escape measures of the centre also 100% meet the standard and approval of the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia.

Our Teachers

The teaching team at Red Dragonfly Educare consists of dedicated professional teachers with various abilities and caring. The normal teacher of Red Dragonfly has more than 8 years of teaching experience; senior teachers have an average of more than 15 years.

Loh wei keong profile Pic (web)
Teacher Loh
• Director in RDE
• 9 years management experience in Education industry
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Loh wei chong Profile pic (web)
Teacher Loh
• Director in Branch
• Experts in BC & BM
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Ng Phei Kheng
Teacher Ng
• Vice Principal in HQ & Branch 1
• Experts in BM,BC,MM,SC
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Wong Chi Yian
Teacher Wong
• Experts in MM & SC
Li Min Xuan
Teacher Li
• Supervisor in Branch
• Experts in BC,MM,SC
Saw Ai Sin
Teacher Saw
• Experts in BI,MM,SC
Chong Mun Jiin 1
Teacher Chong
• Supervisor in HQ
• Experts in BC,BM,MM,SC