Our Facilities

Implemented Latest SOPs

Red Dragonfly Educare has implemented the latest version of standard operation procedures to combat COVID-19. Various actions taken to protect our teachers and students, including:

  • Air Purifier installed each floor
  • Safety measure to each teacher and student before entering the centre
  • Student and parent contact information are recorded to handle emergency situation
  • Close interaction activities are prohibited at the time
  • Class monitor to each student to prevent close interaction
  • Hand sanitizers are equipped every classroom and hall
  • Spray sanitizer to each classroom before and after using the classroom
  • Wearing face mask is a must during the activities.
  • Meals are provided separately to each student.
  • 1 meter safety distance is followed strictly

Well-Equipped Facilities

In addition of providing high quality education services, improving infrastructure of centre is also one of the important factors for obtaining better service.

Red Dragonfly Educare provides more than 8 types of facilities, including:

  • Computer Classroom
  • Mini Science Lab
  • Mini Cafeteria 
  • Project-ready Classroom
  • In-house Security Guard
  • Security System with 30 CCTV Cameras
  • Zumba Hall/Multi Purpose Hall
  • Individual Student Locker
  • Full-Equipped Seminar Hall
  • Study Area and Waiting Area

Facilities Overview

Red Dragonfly Educare provide a clean and cafeteria-type dining environment for students. All the meals provided is made from the our kitchen to ensure that it is healthy and balanced nutrition. Students are able to enjoy their healthy meals throughout the day. Water dispensers are equipped so that students can fill out their water at any point.

Full-equipped multi-purpose hall provides students to participate into various activities such as zumba and yoga. The hall is suitable to to held various kind of seminar that able to occupy all students such as UPSR seminar.

Red Dragonfly Educare occupied with more than 30 CCTV cameras at each classroom area to monitor students' safety. The security system is enhanced by recruiting in-house security guard that responsible for the in-and-out activities.

Red Dragonfly Educare provide various customized classroom to enhance students' learning such as computer classroom, project-ready classroom, and mini science lab. Students are able to have more exposure to practical knowledge besides theoretical knowledge learnt in school. Besides, all classroom is equipped with air condition and there are air purifier located at each floor to eliminate the potential COVID-19.

Red Dragonfly Educare provide personal item locker to protect student personal item such as bags and water bottle. Students are able to enjoy extra activities without take care of their personal items.

Red Dragonfly Educare provide a waiting area for students while waiting for their parents. Besides, a quiet and clean study area is provided for students to do their homework.

Red Dragonfly Educare is equipped with bathroom facility that students are able to clean themselves before start of activities. Bathroom facility such as water heater and shampoo are provided. This is to ensure students can be more comfortable while studying.