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Our Daycare Puchong Service in 2023

Red Dragonfly Educare provides daycare for children in Bandar Puchong Utama near SJK (C) Han Ming. With our well-trained and qualified teachers, your children will enjoy the best education and daycare services in Puchong. When finding daycare in Puchong in 2022, Red Dragonfly Educare is one of the top tuition and daycare centre in Puchong and it is a great place for your children to meet friends and grow together.

Moreover, The teachers will guide your children through the daily routines of meals. Teaching children to build their confidence and independence to achieve growth in mindset and body. Our professional teachers will help your children with homework in kindergarten and primary school.


In the year of 2022, Red Dragonfly Educare strives to build your child’s education services into Primary School Academic Tuition Services, Home School, Enrichment & Skills Classes because we are committed to seeing education play a transformative role for present and future generations. Furthermore, Parents in Puchong will send their children to Red Dragonfly Educare after school. There is one school called SJK (C) Han Ming nearby our Puchong Tuition Center, teachers will fetch the students from the school to our childcare centre safely to ensure our parents have no worries while working. 

Our Daycare Puchong helps in the child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth

Beginning to realise the importance of a child’s early age, daycare is one of the best places to take care of your children while you working, especially in Malaysia. However, Parents around the Puchong area love to send their children over to our childcare centre at Puchong. In our daycare services, we provide children with enough space and freedom to explore the world around them in a secure, comfortable, and supervised environment.

Healthy food in our daycare puchong center


Eating well is one of the best ways to enhance the growth of children. For instance, our Puchong daycare center focuses on providing the best nutritious food to our children. Above all, our daycare focuses on the overall diet rather than specific foods. Kids should be eating more whole, minimally processed food. We make our mealtimes more than just healthy food. As we teach children the way of eating a healthy diet and table manners. 

Which is the best daycare center in Puchong?


Finding a daycare in puchong is hard nowadays because there are too many option to choose from. Then, to choose a good daycare center for tour kids, first you have to look at the services provided by the daycare center. In addition, Red Dragonfly Educare Daycare in Puchong, is providing professional services for taking care of your kids while you are at work. A good daycare center will provide great facilities for your children to have fun while learning to be independent. Our daycare in Puchong have many children that are same age as your child as they can be friends with your child to help build the children social skill. 

Tips to find a great daycare in Puchong area

Ask your friends and family about their experience with daycare puchong.

You can trust your friend’s experience with daycare center and take his or her suggestions. Moreover, the people staying around you can provide you with the best opinion about their experience with the daycare which you can count on.

Look at the Google Review of the daycare center in Puchong 

take a look at the great review and bad review of the daycare center. Our Puchong daycare center is having an overall good review by our customers. 

location is suitable for parents to send their children to the daycare center.

It is important to find a convenient place where you can fetch your child back and forth the daycare Puchong. We are located nearby Han Ming Primary School, where it is a good location for children to go to after school hour. We provide teachers to fetch your children from school to our daycare center in Puchong. 

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