Director's Message

Loh Wei Keong

Managing Director

Parents’ dedication to their children’s education is deeply engraved in my mind, and my mother has sacrificed even more. I remember once, my brother asked my mother to buy a computer to study, the computer was very expensive at that time, the family economy cannot afford to come up with the money, but my brother insists that this is a necessary equipment for learning, it made my mother very guilty and sad, she hide in the room crying. I was standing outside the door of the room and heard my mom and dad discussing about selling all her dowry, which was some gold chains and her wedding ring, so that the money could be exchanged to buy a computer for us to study. At that time, my heart was hurt in pain, and I could not calm down for a long time, but I could also feel the great spirit of a mother who could sacrifice for the education of her children. As long as it is something needed for learning, my mother will do her best to give us.

The education centre was founded by me, my mother and my sister. We were founded with the intention of sharing the worries of mothers all over the world and providing the best primary and secondary education for children. My persistence in this education business was influenced by my mother’s great dedication to our education, and I vowed to create an educational institution with the same dedication as my mother.

My educational philosophy is, “Pursue excellence in education with a strong mission”. As an educator, we must always reflect on these two sentences: “If I were a child, if they were my child”. Educators must think from these two perspectives in order to truly educate children. Education is a conscientious cause and must have feelings, because education is not a product or a business. Many children change their lives just because they met a good teacher. If you do well in education, you can save all sentient beings, but if you done it poorly, it will harm others.